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Engineering Solutions

Building Management System
For your most difficult process control challenges in industrial HVAC, choose plant-wide solutions from Rockwell Automation. Increase safety integrity across your plant – while improving your capability to monitor, control and optimize your processes. We apply our industry expertise to deliver products that provide greater control and conform to stringent HVAC requirements so you can demonstrate payback and minimize your risk. Since reliability is paramount, we also provide comprehensive services that help you predict, prevent and react to operation problems – before downtime occurs.

In many large industrial plants, HVAC systems are an integral part of the process. HVAC systems have a direct impact on motor control centers, variable frequency drives, steam generation equipment and electrical rooms. Therefore, if the HVAC system is compromised, generally the process is too. HVAC systems can also impact safety. Specifically, how the HVAC system responds to a fire or gas event can affect the performance of the plant’s fire and gas safety system. In addition, HVAC system controls often must meet regulatory requirements for plant-wide safety. Until recently, traditional HVAC equipment could not communicate seamlessly with a plant’s process and/or safety systems. As a result, many plants use a patchwork of equipment, programming packages, networks and visualization systems to achieve communication. Manufacturers incur significant ongoing expense for the additional engineering, programming, wiring, training and maintenance these disparate systems require.
Single Vendor Plant-Wide Control Systems
With the PlantPAx™ Process Automation System from Rockwell Automation, you can get the information you need, when you need it, to help congure, control and optimize your operations. Integrated monitoring, alarms and detailed diagnostic and historical data help reduce engineering time – and installation and maintenance costs. When you integrate your HVAC system with programmable automation controllers (PACs), motor control centers (MCCs), variable frequency drives (VFDs) and industrial controls from a single vendor, you are ensured compatibility. As a result, you can expect less training, easier maintenance and reduced spare parts.

Real-Time Control and Visibility
Our Allen-Bradley® controllers are fully integrated into your system and deliver key bene_ts. To help protect critical processes from unscheduled downtime, the controllers over real-time visibility into monitoring air quality, temperature and humidity; trending; detailed alarming; data collection; and automated reporting. What’s more, HMI software and hardware from Rockwell Automation provides a consistent view into your HVAC system and process control.
Solar Plant Automation
In recent times Power & Energy sector are looking for alternative resources to fulfill the energy demand without affecting the environment. Out of most of the resources & as per geographical location of Indian Sub-Continent the Solar Energy happens to be the cleanest and abundantly available resources in our Sub-Continent. We at E & A Engineering Solutions are always looking to provide our clients with a complete proven solution under one window. Moving further in this reference we had recently commissioned and handed over a 1MW Solar Power Plant in Honda Cars, Greater Noida Unit. The automation system includes state of the art SCADA system on Allen Bradley Controllers & Softwares, snapshot of some screens are below for reference purpose.
We got the opportunity of getting associated with Welspun for the Solar Project which happens to be one the major company to work mainly on renewable energy resources. Since Solar Plant Automation & Data recording of Energy supplied with Return On Investment (ROI) calculation are extremely critical for billing purpose and Efficiency consideration. Our SCADA & PLC system helps you evaluate these parameters easily. The system does the calculation and can provide you with the data recording of 5-8 years easily. Reporting for the data recording is also included in the package to give our client a more detailed analysis for their parameters, the reports are generated in PDF forms so that it cannot be tampered and can be made as per client's pre-designed log book format. So that all the data will be in electronic form and can be accessed at any possible level.

We also have solution for 3-phase 415volt AC powered pumps. These pumps can either be fully automated to run as per the tank levels in auto or manual mode via push buttons. These pumps are connected to a Solar VFD which is connected to solar panel string output directly, the solution can work upto 15HP at present and can work in remote locations with extremely less maintenance required for the system to run having very high efficiency providing our clients with a good ROI.
Technical Consultancy Of Automation & Electrical Projects
We have a team of highly experienced members for the consultancy of our projects & this is why we are competent enough in the field of research on a project, providing plan, layouts & all the pre-execution related activities for any project precisely & accurately in a highly efficient manner so that while execution the client or the executing authority (in case we are serving as technical consultant for the project) does not face any hindrance or feel the project lacks the level of technically or commercially being not handled appropriately.

We had served as a technical consultant for the following projects:-
  • Planning & providing layouts for the electrical system at multipurpose gymnasium.
  • Reverse engineering of Electrical layout plan for 4-DG system of 1500KVA each.
  • Water treatment plants.
  • Motor & Power control panels, LT- HT panels.

Many other small automation & electrical projects where we have been consulted only specific application for the technical part.
Commercial and Industrial Project Execution
Besides aforementioned distinctive industrial automation projects that involves HT/LT planning, electrical power supply and various utility application with vide spectrum of voltage ranging from several thousands to working level for both 3-Ø , 1-Ø voltage at equipment terminal, vide spectrum of DC voltages level application e.g high voltages in motor applications to low voltage application like instrumentation process that have cause for optimization of use of energy being consumed to get the desired output in industry, we are also versatile in the field of residential and commercial electrification that involves simple concept of wiring and electrification of the projects. C & R projects that are being executed by us include projects like group housing, malls and hotel industry.

Aspects of the C&R projects
  • Distribution system of the building
  • Electrical Installation of the various services like HVAC, Lift, and sanitation pumps.
  • LV works which includes safety features like camera, Access system/swipe cards and fire alarm system.
  • Meter Boards
  • Conduiting layout for the projects
  • Complete lighting plan & layout of the project along with dedicated lighting arrangement, PA system arrangement for the common area and specific applications like gymnasium, Games Zone, Meditation, Restaurants.