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Engineering Solutions

Power Projects
P Synchronization of Generators/Turbines for HT/LT systems

The need for synchronization arises as sometimes the load demand at user end is more than the individual ratings of DG’s, therefore it can be suggested at times take all the DG’s on a common bus from where they can feed the whole system & user do not had to modify their existing system which might become very cumbersome & expensive. The Synchronization procedure was done with the help of PLC using its Inputs-Outputs.

To Provide DG Synchronization solution we rely on ALLEN BRADLEY PLC products and HMI's of AB make or equivalent. Our ready to serve modules on AB PLC's are recognized for their less time consumption in the process with high preciseness and reliability of the hardware.

For controlling, monitoring we can provide an HMI or SCADA on a PC as per client requirement or site requirement to keep track of all the electrical as well as engine parameters. One also has a flexibility of changing the Master generator set while working in synchronization according to load by manually giving command to PLC from HMI. We are also capable of provided you with the control for grid for which we can design its load shedding module if required by client.

We develop a highly reliable & flexible logic to accommodate almost all the client needs & in order to do so we put in a fragment of extra effort so that our client would consider that ‘JOB’ to be worth the money they paid for.

In all we provide much more flexibility & control for your system in a technique that system becomes more stable & highly consistent as compare to what others can offer you in this field.
AMF, Load Management Systems & Interlocking on AB PLC
For a very complex DG system a highly reliable interlocking, timely start/stop of DG system is a must. Our Programmers for the logic development are highly experienced in this field & very well technically equipped with practical field experience to accomplish such level of complexity in a very reliable & effortless manner.

For AMF with LMS systems we have a very wide range of Application Experience to suit our clients budget. For this we only rely on quality products available in the market with our channel partners and great with best sales service support for the hardware such as UTICOR (HMI), ALLEN BRADLEY.

The solution provided by us will not just consider your needs but will provide you a level of flexibility to accommodate any future possibilities to include any equipment in your current system with an ease and same level of reliability & consistent performance of your existing system. This level of planning and consideration is always assured from our end for any of the project accomplished by us.

Our programmers are supported by a very conversant technical team working at backend in terms of field knowledge to carry out complex JOBs so that our client wouldn’t suffer because of the complexity of problem.
Sub-Station, Pump-House Automation
We undertake Sub-station & GIS automation projects where monitoring and controlling of feeders or export-import of power is required with complete scheme design including instrumentation part at our end. Our designed scheme fully ensure the safety of the electrical system and provide a detailed overview as per client requirement. We have the capability to design schemes of upto 33KV SCADA & PLC Based panel monitoring, controlling. We specialize in synchronization process & Electrical interlocking schemes for different power systems.

We also undertake monitoring & controlling projects for water treatment, Pumping station projects where controlling with precise monitoring of the system is required. Fully automated systems with real time & historical trending and reporting as per user requirement are all available under one roof. We also offer Hot redundant system and all our programmers are capable of running such a system with a ease where most of the companies lack in comparison to us. We follow all the protocols as and when required at the time of designing the scheme with prior input from the user.

For the purpose of automation we only rely only on quality products integrated with our services have no match in the present market. The kind of schemes with diversified solutions which we can offer can always be relied on. Our offered solutions are known to last for a longer period than offered by other competitors.
Projects in Cement Plant
Stacker & Reclaimer Communication Project

We are capable of carrying out projects related to communication where third party software’s & devices are used in conjunction with our devices. One such instance of it is our engineers have setup a Prosoft radiolinx 2.4GHz license free band radio for communication between Central Control room (CCR) & stacker and reclaimer-

  • Considering this new Stackers & Reclaimers which are fully automated with sensors & many other PLC controlled instrumentation for their Luffing (up & down movement control), Travelling on rail track & slewing- (its rotary movement on its central axis).
  • • For their remote supervision & control from the central control room which is almost 1.5km away from their (machine’s) main working area we installed radio’s which can exchange update their status in the CCR using 2.4Ghz of radio frequency license free band.
  • With the help of radio signal which updates the status of machine’s in CCR helps eliminates the need to keep a manual watch over the movement of stacker which will be available in CCR on SCADA screen
  • By using this one can reduce man power to control it & can ask for almost 24x7 fault free environment which helps increase the efficiency of a plant by feeding raw material round the clock.

We had also done projects where the system can be controlled & monitored both from a remote device by using the technology of protocol exchange.
Process Automation Projects
As an esteemed name in the relevant industry, we are offering Automation Project. Following industry defined guidelines, our vendors’ professionals design the entire range by utilizing contemporary machines, modernized technology and prime grade raw materials. In order to ensure quality, the entire range is rigorously tested on a series of parameters. Clients can avail the offered range from us at market leading prices.

  • Burner Management System on Flex logic via software based redundancy at Bhushan Energy, Angul.
  • Burner Management System on software based redundancy on Flex logic at Bhushan Energy, Jharsugura.
  • Ammonia Plant on software based redundancy on Compact logic Commissioning at GSFC Gujrat.
  • Soot Blower System commissioning on software based redundancy on Flex logic at Hindalco Muri.
  • Ruchi Gadarwada, Soya Refinery Commissioning.
  • Ruchi Soya Haldia, Dalda Refinery Automation.