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Engineering Solutions

Projects On Chillers
  • Reynold India being a Industrial & Commercial chiller manufacturing company employs PLC & HMI for complete controlling of the chiller process.
  • They were using Siemens PLC system in their processes for the automation of chillers due to our dedicated sales efforts we were able to convert their few of the systems to Allen Bradley Platforms.
  • We have commissioned Precision temperature chillers which are used in specific processes where temperature plays a vital role in the completion of a Job.
  • Multiple refrigerant chillers for Industrial applications.
  • Food grade special metallurgy Chillers for milk, beverages, liquors, pulps etc. Cooling directly from +45o C upto -5o C.
  • Cascade Chillers for ultra low temperature applications for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, gas liquefaction etc.
  • Dual temperature Screw Chillers with twin water circuits set as per specific temperature requirements like for the latest Tapeline processes
  • High efficiency Variable Speed Chillers with screw, scroll and reciprocating compressors for continuously varying load applications.
Shot Blasting Machine System
Aluminium Channel, Profile & Aluminium Structures Cleaning Machine
  • We recently automated Bus Bar brazing system at Surfex Finishing, Rajasthan for Toshiba-JSW, Chennai unit.
  • Client was using Siemens PLC System & AC Drives for the same system.
  • We implemented the complete system on Powerflex4m, 755 AC Drives & Micro 850 PLC System with Panel View Component 400, complete commissioning at clients Plant in Chennai.
  • The above machine is used for making profiles from Aluminium, Iron & other alike metals.
  • Complete process is fully auto controlled & is used in Aluminum Bus Bar Brazing with auto aligner at output.
  • Client was also looking forward to implement AB PLC System for future considering our previously given services & competitive pricing against Siemens.
  • Now we are also associated with one more organization Wheeloblast for Allen Bradley PLC System, in Rajasthan for shot blasting system.
Pipe Threading Machine
  • We are involved in Pipe Threading machine Engineering & PLC Programming Support.
  • We are extending our support to Tirupati Tubes & Tirupati Structures in New Delhi for various machines fitted with Rockwell systems.
  • The machine was used for threading purpose of pipes.
  • The servo's used are for all three axes controlled by ML-1500 controller communicating with Ultra - 3000 servo drives from Rockwell on device net.
  • We provide complete engineering support & PLC System with servo system selection for.
WTP-STP Plant Systems
  • We recently got associated with KSP Hydro which is renowned in establishing WTP & STP plants at Corporate level & Industrial Level.
  • Their recent STP system was commissioned by us at The Lalit Hotel, New Delhi.
  • We have made them move from Siemens platform to Allen Bradley on Micro 800 series with HMI on Delta.
  • Delta HMI was involved in the process due to the large screen size & animation features fully suported by that, however it was recommended by client only.
Chrome Plant PLC System Conversion to new Platform
  • The Client wanted to put Mitsubishi by replacing all SLC-500 system but the cost was significant if complete system was purchased as new. Therefore, we suggested client to stick to Allen Bradley System only we shall assist them in keeping a low cost with conversion to Allen Bradley Platform only.
  • In the process we converted an old system on Allen Bradley SLC - 500 to new compact logix system keeping the 1746 I/O in line with the new system.
  • The client wanted to combine & operate two such plants as single unit, therefore we had to combine both of the PLC system into a single unit.
  • PLC processor was Compact Logix L30ER with I/O's retained on 1746 series.
  • The complete system was re-commissioned in Just 15 days of time with whole program conversion & new program development included.
  • Keeping in view that this was the first time conversion we had done, as we never were previously associated with the commissioning of a chrome plant.
  • The End result was surprising, as they were able to operate two such plants with the help of a single operator. Overall productivity was improved for more than 50% as two or three units can now be put in production at same time. Whole cycle time was reduced by 45minutes for complete production of 2 such units.
Boiler System Automation
  • 30 ton boiler system automation at Goodyear Plant in Ballabhgarh, Palwal, Haryana.
  • Steam from boiler was required in plant for their process of manufacturing system.
  • As the system was not as big, complete system was commissioned on Mlx 1400 System.
  • SCADA was designed on FT View SE 25 screen.
  • Complete data communicated for the boiler system was on RS 485 successfully from masibus scanner.