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Engineering Solutions

SCADA for Power & Process Systems
SCADA Related Projects for Power Houses with Turbines

We are capable of designing a monitoring & controlling system on Rockwell’s SCADA or on AVG Uticor SCADA by considering the client’s need with highly precise & easily interpretable graphic screen for Client. This is one area where we specialize & accomplished many of our past project related to Turbine System in Sugar mills.
We are highly capable of designing and providing solution for Electrical based systems on conventional PLC based SCADA systems where controlling with monitoring for field devices and other data collection with trending is required or we can provide you with 21st century SCADA with inbuilt reporting features. Our SCADA based graphics are loaded with full animation features with support of different languages if needed & real time animations also having Advanced Graphics, with a 4000 Symbols library, Bit map buttons, multi-state indicators, 3D real life operator controls, real time animation, Unicode…..
The only SCADA available in Indian region having support for multi language as per international standards and with special support for INDIAN languages like Hindi, Malyalam etc.
Trending, data acquisition, data storage, computational logic, scripting, alarms and alarm history, recipes, on-screen recipe edit, On-line programming……
Also having support for remote monitoring and remote controlling as default feature in our SCADA. Simply the Most Intuitive Programming Software in the World!! No training manual, no class-room, self-learn in less than 30 minutes!! Even has built-in Photo Edit Software at no extra cost.
Having reporting as inbuilt feature where one can define reports in different formats such as PDF, CSV, Excel, Text etc as per the user requirement and can take print also.
Energy Monitoring Systems
We have a Solution for PC Based Graphics for Energy Monitoring via communicable meters for a MIS based Plants

Some of the distinctive features of the software are:-

  • PC Based Energy monitoring system does not require any kind of PLC/HMI interfacing to collect data from the field meters, only converters are required.
  • A schematic architectural view of system:-
The software would require only PC loaded with our Energy Monitoring Software with some converters to accommodate the data required for monitoring & logging as per user requirement in archival form in its own database from where one can take prints also and generate report in the form of PDF, Excel, CSV, Text as required.

Real time analog gauges for Current, Voltage, KVAR, Energy and other energy parameters can be defined for a quick reference of data. For a very detailed view tabular form with scrollers can be defined for specific data monitoring and off the main screen monitoring if needed.
Our software's can provide data on OPC server to connect to other data sources/SCADA in the field to utilize such data on modbus protocol to display or use this data in their own process for controlling of field devices or any such parameter.

Historical & Real time trending is also possible in the system and can be taken print in any format. Web based support where one can remotely login and monitor data or can be accessed via intranet system with specific role defined for all users, so that no unauthorized access to the main data base will be permitted.

Machine/Process Automation
Over the period of 2 years & with all our past experience in the field of industrial automation we were involved with demanding projects related to process (chemical, mechanical, electrical etc.) & typical machine automation related to the specific needs of industry. It doesn't matter to us that you have an existing system or you have a requirement asking for a new automatic machine concept, yielding a higher/improved production pertaining to your requirement. We are dedicated to provide you with an innovative & creatively engineered solutions pertaining to your specific requirements.

We are capable of providing solutions for such type of PLC/Based automation on products such as ALLEN BRADLEY, UTICOR, UNITRONICS (Typical Platform Machines Only) & for the purpose of AC Drive used for motor controlling and management, we recommend products from our associates INVT, ALLEN BRADLEY. We follow the Latest trends of the market and believe in moving ahead with time, we continuously evolve according to the most recent developments in the field of automation & mould our product lineup as well as services accordingly to provide our client with whatever the best the market has to offer.

Application Summary Which we had executed for Machine Based Systems
  • Impregnation Plant execution on Allen Bradley PLC MLX1200+ Micro850 System at PD Enterprises, Hodal.
  • Special purpose medical equipment for Pathological labs on stepper motor system.
  • Autoclave application on PLC System at Biomedical Solutions (Manufacturer of Biomedical Equipments all over India) in Delhi.
  • Power Press Automation on Allen Bradley PLC System at Talwar Brothers (Gasket Manufacturing Division), Faridabad.
  • Special purpose machine for zip-making on Allen Bradley MLX-1200 at Tex Corp India, Gurgaon.
  • Shot Blasting Machine on Micro 850 PLC system at Surfex (OEM for Shot blasting), Jodhpur.
  • Special Purpose machine for Torque Controlling & maintaining system on MLX 1200 at Contitech India Pvt Ltd.
  • Water Treatment Plant (STP) at The Lalit Hotel on Micro 850 PLC System & Delta HMI.
  • Leakage Testing Machine for Hydro Pneumatic System on Compact Logix PLC System at Neometrix.
  • Trampoline System on MLX 1400 at Brainspree Infosystems.
  • Auger Filler Application on Unitronics at Rollatainers, Faridabad.
  • Packaging Machine for Nestle with Rollatainers, Faridabad.
  • Pouch Packing machine at Accurate Packaging, Faridabad.
  • Gas Cylinder Counting + Weighing System production line system on MLX 1400 & AVG SCADA system at Bhiwadi.
  • Bottling Plant Modification & Addition at Iceling Soda, Mohan Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Chrome Plant Automation & Modification on SLC-500 System at Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd., Uttar Pradesh.
  • Phosphate Plant Automation on SLC system converted to single compact logix system with Empro Plant Supervision at Bangalore.
  • Boiler System Commissioning at Goodyear, Faridabad Plant.
  • 500 Ton fryer Commissioning on Unitronics at Haldiram, Noida.
  • Hose Pipe manufacturing system commissioning at Alfa Flexi Tube at Bahadurgarh, Haryana.
  • Shearing Press automation on MLX1200 at LG Electronics, Greater Noida.
Sponge Iron Plant rectification & program restore on PLC-2 dos based system. Many More systems……….

By integrating these products we can cater to any industry with their automation needs. All the products which we promote when combined with our extremely reliable services for program development process including our highly trustworthy commitments to deliver the solution on said time can compete and outsmart most of our competitors in present scenario.

We are also associated with the instrumentation/sensor based products and can integrate such products with our system to provide you with high end solutions on a very cost effective basis. For such needs we provide solutions on Honeywell, Yokogawa, SICK, Autonics, Kubler, Rosemount, Ohkura Japan which comes up with products that can cover any instrumentation/Sensor needs in the industry and our engineers are all fully trained on these platforms.

We have recently included some new process product line ups to our expanding instrumentation systems so that an economical and quality sensor/analyzer/process automation solution can be offered. We now also rely on Contrinex instruments:
Motion Control Projects
Some of the Projects
We have recently accomplished some complex motion control projects on 2-axis & 3-axis control applications.

  • Manufacturer of vacuum tubes at Bhajanpura, New Delhi.
  • Profile generation for vacuum tubes implemented in fridges at 0.01 accuracy on Unitronics Motion controller & Fuji Servo system. 0.01 accuracy is not even provided by the Siemens PLC System presently installed at their site.
  • First the system generates the required profile in 16 different steps with the desired accuracy as per the user input & then provides the actual length by using cutter on y-axis.
  • Complete System is fully automated & only user inputs are required on HMI screen.
  • Component production was increased by one tube in less than 20 seconds. Siemens system on 0.1 accuracy takes 18 seconds to do the same process.
Trampoline cum Jump Rope machine project on Motion Control System

The Below mentioned concept was designed by the Brainspree Infosystem Team in Conjunction with our automation team for a system to be installed all over world.
  • As the motion of the system is to be highly precise being less than 1mm & sudden start/stop with immediate movements of to & fro their team decided to install Servo Based System.
  • At both ends servo's from Panasonic are installed which will be moving th trolley to & fro.
  • A distinct pattern has to be followed, due to which Unitronics Motion controller is installed.
  • Both Servo System movement is duly controlled by Unitronics motion controller t provide them with highly accurate movements in a pattern.
  • Complete system works as take up & let-off system turn by turn.
Controlling of stepper system

  • Stepper motor speed control system upto a maximum speed of 1600rpm.
  • Stepper system will rotate a magnet which will act as a mixer to mix a powdered solvent.
  • Stepper RPM were controlled through a driver & Unitronics PLC system by giving pulses to stepper.
  • System will have user defined.
Energy Saving, Audits & Implementation
Electrical Energy conservation and appropriate use of the combinations to save energy at every possible point is becoming a highly profitable venture which can give high return on investment on the products used for the purpose of energy saving. We have a highly resourceful, knowledgeable & Experienced project team which is involved in versatile application rather than simple energy conservation and suggestion regarding the products.

We conduct Preliminary & Detailed Energy Audits which are performed by our panel of experts in a scheduled manner:-
  • Analyzation of Quality of power being used.
  • Identification of individual power saving points where quality of power suffers.
  • Report submission with implications of energy saving equipments implementation.
  • Assistance in regard to Suggestion & finalization of Energy saving products.
  • Return on investment on such products with comparison to current power quality & after implementation.
  • Approximate life /value of product implemented for Energy saving.
  • Implementation of the project with complete result oriented value.
We undertake special Certified Energy Audits by BEE certified auditors as per clients requirement in special cases where such requirements are needed, Otherwise a normal audit with implementation at our end can be considered.

Why Us?
Being a project company in the field of Electrical & Automation & with our in-house support and practical experience for almost every application be it industrial or commercial, we have better practical understanding of applications.
  • Single point Solution for all applications.
  • Better pricing as we are ourselves involved in the field of implementation.
  • Properly engineered schemes for implementation on applications.
  • Only result oriented solutions for energy saving purpose.
  • Practical demonstration and case study of most of the applications.
  • Most of the solutions are itself done as in house in our company.
  • Better services with highly reliable technical team at your ease on 24x7 basis.
  • Reports submitted by us are totally backed up by practical data.
  • Product suggestion are given only for those which involve better reliability, Longer operational life and cost effective but serving better quality of power.
Good Energy Management Begins With An Energy Audit as before saving anything, you should know what & from where can you save

Effective management of energy-consuming systems can lead to significant cost and energy savings as well as increased comfort, lower maintenance costs, and extended equipment life. A successful energy management program begins with a thorough energy audit. The energy audit evaluates the efficiency of all building and process systems that use energy. The energy auditor starts at the utility meters, locating all energy sources coming into a facility. The auditor then identifies energy streams for each fuel, quantifies those energy streams into discrete functions, evaluates the efficiency of each of those functions, and identifies energy and cost savings opportunities.

The report documents the use and occupancy of the building and the condition of the building and building systems equipment. The report also recommends ways to improve efficiency through improvements in operation and maintenance items (O&M), and through installation of energy conservation measures (ECM).

Degrees of Thoroughness : Audit levels, in order of increasing complexity are:

Level 1-The walk-through audit - The walk-through audit is a tour of the facility to visually inspect each system. The walk-through includes an evaluation of energy consumption data to analyze energy use quantities and patterns, as well as to provide comparisons with industry averages, or benchmarks, for similar facilities. This is the least costly audit, but a level 1 audit can yield a preliminary estimate of savings potential and a list of low-cost savings opportunities through improvements in operational and maintenance practices. The level 1 audit information may be used for a more detailed audit later if the preliminary savings potential appears to warrant further auditing activity.

Level 2-Standard Audit - The standard audit quantifies energy use and losses through a more detailed review and analysis of equipment, systems, operational characteristics, and on-site measurements and testing. Standard energy engineering calculations are used to analyze efficiencies and calculate energy and cost savings based on improvements and changes to each system. The standard audit will also include an economic analysis of recommended ECMs.

Level 3-Computer Simulation - The level 3 audit is the most expensive level of energy audit and is most often warranted for complex facilities or systems. The audit includes more detailed energy use by function and a more comprehensive evaluation of energy use patterns. Computer simulation software is used to predict building system performance and accounts for changes in weather and other conditions. The goal is to build a base for comparison that is consistent with the actual energy use of the facility. The auditor will then make changes Page 31 We Provide Solutions On Industrial Automation Solution For Electrical Panel Solution & Switchgear to improve the efficiency of various systems and measure the effects compared to the baseline. This method also accounts for interactions between systems to help prevent overestimation of savings.
Aspects to be Monitored
  1. Lighting
  2. HVAC
  3. .Motors
  4. Building Controls
  5. Boiler Improvements
  6. Domestic Hot Water
  7. Waste Heat Recovery
  8. Cogeneration, Solar.
  9. Wind, Geothermal.
  10. Residential
  11. Air Sealing
  12. Insulation
  13. Boiler Improvements
  14. Fuel Switching
  15. Domestic Hot Water
  16. Windows
  17. Controls
  18. Appliances