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Cement Industry

Automation solution plays vital role in producing high quality cement consistently. Our Information-enabled solutions and powerful operator workstations help reduce emissions, per ton costs, and achieve needed functionality. Customer get access to the real-time information they need to improve operational flexibility and maximize productivity.

Our solutions for Cement Plants, Crushing Unit, Stacker, Reclaimer, Grinding Units, Long Conveyer systems, Captive Power Plants and Waste Heat Recovery Systems include:
  1. Information Management Systems
  2. AC Drives and Motors
  3. Safety services
  4. Plant Instrumentation
  5. Process Control Systems, SCADA, DCS
  6. Site Management, Installation Supervision and Commissioning Services
  7. Life Cycle Support – Spares Management, AMCs, Remote Monitoring & Assistance, Training

Life Science

The pharmaceutical industry is quickly moving away from large block buster medications towards more personalized medicines. This trend requires much more flexible manufacturing facilities.

Manufacturers of medicinal products need devices that provide the highest degree of hygiene, accuracy, and reliability in line with the legal and operational requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Whether desalinating seawater, treating drinking water and wastewater or managing water networks and water transportation - intelligent automation products and systems as well as energy-efficient drive solutions and comprehensive services provide the right solutions to help you with your daily work.

Too much information, disconnected systems, and limited resources have become complex challenges for water utilities. We offer proven solutions to drive intelligent water operations that help optimize performance and maximize return on investment.

We understand your challenges. Combining advanced technologies and deep industry know-how, our proven water-wastewater solutions drive greater efficiency, consistency and accountability throughout your operations.