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Computers, Industrial Environment

Industrial Environment Computers offer solutions for the physical limitations and requirements of your environment. Non-display Computers provide a variety of options in form factors, RAM, storage, performance, operating temperatures and optical drives. Integrated Display Computers are available in different screen sizes, storage options, performance packages, and models with built-in keypads.
Integrated Display Computers
Integrated Display Computers serve as the foundation for visualization control of processes and machinery. We offer several screen sizes with a resistive anti-glare screens, hard disk drive or a solid-state option, performance package, and different bezels. These computers can control machinery or a process, display necessary information, and gather basic production information for making informed business decisions.

6180 Computers with Keypad
Bulletin 6180P Integrated Display Computers with Keypad include an integrated display and a programmable keypad in the same unit. These computers can control machinery or processes, display information, and gather basic production information.
  • Lockable, front-accessible USB port and power switch
  • Configurable keys (36 or 44 total), alphanumeric keypad, and resistive touch screen option for flexible operator input
  • Offers AC and DC power to meet a wide range of application requirements
  • Available in 12 in. and 15 in. models
  • Up to Core Duo Processor
  • Variety of PCI and ISA expansion slots
  • Rated to 55 °C
  • RAID capable
  • Mounts to panel
  • NEMA Types 1/4/12; IEC IP66

6181 Computers
Our Integrated Display Computers combine cutting-edge field technology and state-of-the-art hardware for an enhanced user experience. The standard models meet basic application needs while the performance and advanced models offer a powerful open computing platform with plenty of horsepower to run most software architectures including our FactoryTalk® View visualization software.
  • Includes single or projected capacitive multi-touch touchscreens
  • Offers Windows 7 pro SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Embedded Standard 2009,  WES 7, Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems
  • Available in non-display, 12-inch (305 mm), 15-inch, (381 mm), 15.6-inch (396.3mm), 17-inch (432 mm), 18.5-inch (470mm), and 19-inch (483 mm) display models

6181P/F Standard Model Integrated Display Computers
  • Meets basic application needs for most industrial environment
  • Provides efficient computing performance with an ultra-low voltage Celeron M 1.06GHz processor and 2GB DDR2 memory
  • Helps decrease maintenance time with fanless design

6181P Performance/Advanced Model Integrated Display Computers
  • Provides hyper-threading capabilities for improved multi-tasking with Fourth Generation Intel Core" i-series 64-bit processor
  • Includes installation assist clip, user interface button, and LED indicators for improved system integration and easy access to key information
  • Displays Windows 7 license sticker valid for both 64-bit and 32-bit images
  • Offers stainless steel bezel to meet food and beverage industry equipment regulations