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Electrical System Consultancy

E & A Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd is an Engineering Consulting company providing Consultancy Services in the field of Electrical Systems. The main objective of E & A Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd is to provide its services in electrical systems based upon project requirements, incorporating cost / energy efficiency and safety systems.

E & A Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd has successfully carried out a number of prestigious projects and has been retained as Engineering Consultant by major Multinational companies I Architects I Business Houses etc.
Field Of Activities
  • Engineering for Electrical & Related Systems.
  • Re-modeling / Expansion and Upgradation of Existing Electrical System.
  • Detailed Design and Preparation of Working Drawings.
  • Prebid Assistance / Post Contractual Engineering
  • Feasibility Studies, Project Management and Technical Coordination
  • Energy Audit & Safety Audit.
  • Combined MEP Services for Industrial Plants / Data Centers.

Why Consultancy ?
  • Procurement of right equipment in terms of costs / sizing / quantities / technical requirements / completeness & their integration.
  • Gives you the choice of multiple alternatives at concept stage with costs to suit your requirements.
  • Maintenance costs are minimized due to highly specialized engineering design.
  • Provision of expansion due to modular system design - No shut down / minimized shut down.
  • Compliance of various codes/ Standards including for safety.
  • Minimum power loss in power distribution resulting in substantialsaving in energy cost.
  • Technical expertise : Consultant can be the technical spokesperson for the customer at all platforms.
  • Faster execution of projects to save you time & costs.
  • Better project control for customer due to superior documentation - highly useful for operations / maintenance / future expansion.