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We had been supplying Electrical & Fully automated panels to the Industry since 2015.
  • Back in 2015 we had supplied our first Electrical panel with both fully automated & Manual operation of DG Synchronization.
  • After 2015 the demand of our supplied panels has only increased multi folds, Design with complete safety and no breakdown recorded till date of our engineered panels itself speaks of the quality we involve in our panels.
  • All our panels were designed & assembled by our team at our warehouse till 2018 but not fabricated by us.
  • To maintain Confidentiality of our in-house developed design for modular panels manufacturing and automation schemes, we will be fabricating panels at our facility in 2020.

We have the capability to manufacture :
  • MCC/PCC Panels for Industrial Plant Application,
  • ETP/STP PLC Systems and Plant Setup.
  • LPBS, Stacker/Reclaimer panels in Cement Plants.
  • LT Distribution panels and DB.
  • DG Synchronization Panels with PLC & With Synchronization Relays.
  • AMF & LMS Panels.
  • APFC Panels.
  • VFD Panels.
  • PLC/DCS Panels.
  • Control Desk for plants.
  • Automatic Panels.
  • Air Conditioned Process Panels.
  • HT Panel upto 33KV Supply and commissioning.
All our panel designs are fully modular and foldable types confirming to IP- 42,55,65(On Demand only), Third party IP Certification facility is also available.

Machine Setup for Sheet Metal Fabrication process
  • 3 Axis CNC Press Brake 100 Ton
  • For MS/GI Sheet thickness bending to 4MM
  • SS Bending capability to 2MM.
  • Fully Automatic.

  • NC Hydraulic Shearing with
  • Motorized Back Gauge.
  • For MS/GI Sheet thickness shearing to 6MM
  • SS shearing capability to 4MM.
  • Fully Automatic.

  • Punching 40 Ton
  • For MS/GI Sheet thickness bending to 4MM
  • SS Punching capability to 1.6MM.

  • Welding Station
  • Electra koko Tawa 300Amps.
  • MIG/TIG welding.